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How to Lace Hockey Skates

Putting on hockey skates is simple, right? While you might think that lacing up your skates is as easy as tying your shoes, it can be a little more complicated than you’d imagine. Here are some popular techniques our pros recommend when it comes to lacing skates.

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Before starting any lacing, make sure that your foot is positioned correctly in the skate. If they arrive with laces already strung, make sure to loosen the lower eyelets so that your foot can fit into the boot. Then, grab the bottom laces firmly and push down the ball of your foot while tightening the laces. Always ensure your heel is firmly against the back of the skate before you tighten anything.

Under Criss-Cross Lacing

If you’re looking for the traditional, most common method of tying up your skates, the under criss-cross lacing approach is your best bet.

  • Start by running your laces through the lowest eyelet pair so that they come out even on both sides.
  • Cross each end through the higher eyelet pair, making sure they feed under, not over, the sides.
  • Repeat until boot is fully laced.

Over Criss-Cross Lacing

If you’re having trouble keeping your boot tight, the over criss-cross method is a good way to help further secure your foot in the boot. Follow the same procedure that you normally would while under criss-cross lacing, but instead of feeding the laces under through the eyelets, make sure they run over the sides and out through the next highest hole.

Double Cross Lacing

Looking for increased stability in your upper ankle? The best way to ensure this through lacing is by following the double cross method. Lace up your skates as you normally would, but once you get to the top eyelet, run your laces through the hole an additional time.

Lock Lacing

The tightest option of them all is the lock lacing, or racer’s loop.

  • Lace up your skates as you normally would, leaving the highest eyelet untied.
  • Run the laces through the highest loop, creating a small loop on both sides.
  • From there, cross the laces over and run them through the loops you’ve created and making two tight knots.
  • Tie your laces off as you would tie a shoe.

Dropping An Eyelet

If you’re feeling too locked into your boot, like it’s about to go numb, then your best option is to drop a loop of lacing. Simply tie your skates one pair of holes lower and you should feel increased mobility and forward flex.

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