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How To Clean Your Hockey Gear

Beauties & Benders,

We all know hockey gear stinks – but it's also home to nasty bacteria that can eat away at the life of your gear. You spend hundreds of dollars on gear, so why not keep it in good shape and maximize the amount you can resell it for?

This guide from our very own grocery stick and gear head, @kguilts, provides step by step instructions for cleaning your gear. This covers all the gear that you can’t put in your washing machine (eg no socks, jerseys and gitch).

DO NOT add your skates, leather gloves (though newer fabric gloves are okay), or helmets.

What You'll Need

Bathtub, laundry sink, or a large bucket if you want to do this outside.
OxiClean. And don't forget the agua.


Step By Step

  1. Fill your bathtub halfway with warm water and add 1 scoop of OxiClean - this should be enough for one player bag worth of gear. Stir.

  2. Throw in your gear and submerge the equipment (pro tip: add pucks to gloves and other items that want to float).

  3. Let your gear soak for 15 minutes and occasionally stir the concoction . The water will turn a muddy brown (this is why it stinks).

  4. Drain the tub and refill with water – repeat the process without adding OxiClean until water runs clear.

  5. Rinse each item thoroughly.

  6. Hang dry on drying racks or let it sit outside. Just don’t put it directly in the sun as it may shrink.

  7. Dangle. Snipe. Celly. (Or sit in the box like I did.)

Pro tips: Remember to air your gear out in between ice times. If your shin/ elbow pads have removable liners, then take them out. Always take out your skates insoles, as this will help with smell and prevent your rivets from rusting out.

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About Kevin Guiltinan

Kevin is a former Harvard hockey player and graduate. Today Kevin is a founding member of SidelineSwap and Business Development Lead. Kevin also coaches hockey in his spare time.