How to Break In Hockey Skates

You just got your new skates -- now what? If you’re not trying to end up with a boot full of blisters, it’s best to follow some sort of routine when it comes to breaking in your skates. Here’s what our pros suggest.

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The Right Fit

Getting the right size before you order your first pair of skates may not seem as obvious as you may think. A poorly sized pair of skates will never break in. If you’re not sure about the fit, message our sellers before purchasing, get as much information as you can, and do your research to ensure that your skates are right for you.


Heat is a stiff skate’s worst enemy. If you’ve recently purchased high-end skates, heating them up in their early stages (see our instructions here) is often a good way to ease the breaking-in process. You can try baking them in your oven, or using a blowdryer to apply heat.


Your skates are never going to break in properly if you don’t take them out for at least one or two sessions on the ice prior to playing with them in practice or a game. If you’re still feeling stiffness and discomfort after roughly 10 sessions on the ice, they’re probably not the right size or fit for you.

Other Tips

  • Throw some skate guards on and walk around your house in your skates.
  • Make sure to treat any blisters or friction spots that arise during the break-in period right away. There’s nothing worse than neglecting blisters!

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