How Long is a Lacrosse Goalie Shaft?

The length of a goalie’s shaft depends on a few things. Mainly, your style of play will determine what shaft length is most appropriate for you. Outside of style, your age, height and gender also factor into your shaft selection.

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Shaft length regulations

Different age groups have various rules for how long your shaft is allowed to be. The following lengths are determined by measuring from the bottom of your shaft to the top of your stick’s head:

  • Men’s Lacrosse: 40-72 inches
  • Boys Lacrosse: 37-72 inches
  • Women’s Lacrosse: 35.5-52 inches

Be sure to double check with the rules of the league you play in. Some leagues may vary on the stick lengths that they allow for goalies.

Benefits of longer shafts

As a goalie, there are a few advantages to using a longer shaft. The first is that you’re able to generate more torque on your outlet passes. This is especially important for shorter goalies who may not have enough strength to generate long passes on their own. Extra shaft length can also help you pick off passes from opposing attackmen who are playing behind the net.

Having a longer shaft may also help balance your stick, so you’ll be able to stay on your toes without fear of losing your balance.

Lastly, making sure your positioning is correct is important. Having a longer shaft makes it easier for a goalie to check his position between the pipes. Any goalie would agree that checking your posts is key to making sure you’re ready to stop the next shot.

Benefits of shorter shafts

The biggest benefit of having a shorter shaft is that it reduces the weight of your stick. A lightweight stick allows a goalie to react more quickly. Also, if you’re a goalie who likes to run, a shorter shaft may be best for you. With a shorter shaft, it’s easier to dodge opponents and cradle the ball while running. If you’re still unsure what shaft length is right for you, it’s best to start long, and then go shorter. You can always cut down your shaft, but you can’t add length to it.

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