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Hockey: Understanding Stick Length

When it comes to hockey sticks, size matters. Stick size can be broken down into four sizes: youth, junior, intermediate and senior. And when we talk about size, we’re really talking about shaft circumference and flex (the amount of weight it would take to flex the stick one inch). Logically, youth is the “smallest” size, with the lowest (flimsiest) flex, and senior the “largest,” with the highest (stiffest) flex.

Each size has a corresponding length and age group based on the circumference and flex. Youth sticks are suitable for ages 4-8 (0-60lbs) ; junior sticks for ages 7-12 (60-100lbs); intermediate for 10-15 (100-150lbs); and senior for 14+ (150lbs+). Women typically use an intermediate stick.

Both flex and length are important in deciding which stick is right for you. Typically, players like a stick to stand between their chin and nose on skates. The standard stick length is as follows:

  • Junior = 46-53 inches
  • Intermediate = 54 inches
  • Senior = 56-63 inches

To learn more about which size is best for you, consider reading our pro tips on flex.

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