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Hockey Stick Flex: Find the best flex for your game


The flex of a stick is measured in numerical form and corresponds to the amount of weight needed to bend the stick 1 inch, when suspended between two points 48” apart. These flexes are again broken into the 4 size categories of circumference and length: youth, junior, intermediate, and senior.

The higher the number, the stiffer the stick - Typically, these range from 30-110 depending on the manufacturer. The right amount of flex is imperative as it allows for maximum power transfer while shooting.

As a rule of thumb, the taller and heavy a player is, the higher flex (stiffer) stick they need. This can be estimated by taking the weight of the player and dividing by 2. This estimate does not account for length and each 1 inch change in shaft length means a 10% change in flex - as such, we recommend that if you need to change cut/ extend the stick more than 3 inches, you should move down/ up in flex.

Youth sticks span in flex from 30-40; junior 40-50; intermediate 60-70; senior 70-110+.

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