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Hockey Elbow Pads Buying Guide

Elbow pads are any hockey player's best friend after a big fall. If you’re still getting your legs under you, you’ll need quality pads for any unexpected tumbles that may arise. Regardless of skill level, here are some helpful things to consider when purchasing elbow pads.

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Types of Elbow Pads
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Types of Elbow Pads

Most elbow pads available today are composed of an elbow cap, some soft foam padding and a lightweight compression sleeve to keep things in place. With high-end models, like these ProStock Reebok 19k’s, you can expect especially light padding around the forearm, while still maintaining solid protection on your elbow cap and upper arm. Looking for your first pair? Stick with something simple, like these guys. With a soft-shell, two-piece design, you’ll get plenty of protection in the arms without sacrificing mobility.


Elbow pads are all about maximizing protection without compromising comfort and flexibility on the ice. Not sure where to start with sizing? It’s easy. Simply measure the length from your mid-bicep to mid-forearm. Arm measurements for youth models will generally range from 7-9”, Junior pairs from 9-12”, and Senior’s from 12-16”. Be sure to double check your height. Just because you feel over six-feet-tall on the ice, doesn’t mean you actually are. Lastly, before you head out onto the ice, practice your best arm/windmill cellys on repeat to see how your padding holds up after a little movement.

Other tips

  • It’s always a good idea to take into account the circumference of your mid/upper arms. If your arms are on the wider side, think about going a size up.
  • Have questions about the sizing and fit of a pair you’ve been eyeing on SidelineSwap? Feel free to reach out to the seller, or our team of experts, to get all the helpful info you might need.

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