Fall 2021: Seller Updates

Free & Discounted Shipping: Today, two out of every three customers expect free shipping on all online orders. In order to maintain a competitive edge, SidelineSwap now allows sellers to offer free or discounted shipping on their listings! In the Shipping Details section of the list page, simply select if you’d like to offer free shipping or $3 or $6 off the shipping price. Please note, you must use SidelineSwap’s default weight/dimensions for this option to be available.


Pro tip: if you’re worried about losing money on shipping, simply add the fixed price shipping cost to your list price. Buyers are far more likely to buy if they’re getting free shipping, even if they’re paying the same amount of money.

Buyers can now “buy now, pay later”: SidelineSwap now offers Zip as a payment option for buyers on SidelineSwap. Zip provides an alternative to paying the full cost of an order upfront. With Zip, buyers can split any purchase into 4 installments over 6 weeks. Learn more here.

Prevent lost packages with new packing slips: We’ve reconfigured our shipping label receipt to serve as both your receipt and packing slip. In the event that a shipping label is damaged or goes missing in transit, shipping carriers will check the contents of your package to determine where the package should be shipped. By including this packing slip, you’re adding a crucial layer of protection in case anything goes amiss in transit.


Better organize your Seller Dashboard: Need to review your cashout history or find a swap without having to scroll through pages of purchases and sales? Now you can with the new Seller Dashboard Filter:


These filters allow you to find the information you need faster! By default, we show you credits, cashouts, and sales, but the filter can be customized to whatever information is most important to you.

Cashout to your favorite store: Sellers can choose from a variety of digital gift cards to national, big-name chains as well as small, up-and-coming ecommerce businesses, many of which offer added value on top of the gift card amount. This means that a seller accessing $100 of their earned funds could, for example, receive $120 to use on select retailers and restaurants.

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Emma is a former swimmer at Hamilton College. Today, she's a Customer Experience Associate at SidelineSwap, working to ensure buyers and sellers have the best experience SidelineSwap can provide.