Seller Updates

Fall 2020: Seller Updates

November 2020

Why “Followers” matter: When a fellow SidelineSwapper follows your locker, you become a part of their “My Feed” experience. From their feed, your followers are shown a previewed list of your recently uploaded items from where they can access all of your locker’s listings from the full search experience. They will also be alerted when you list new items and when you reduce the price of your existing listings. For these reasons, we encourage you to encourage your buyers to give your account a Follow!

New Locker Search Experience: You and your buyers can now navigate your locker easier than before. Looking for a specific item? Keyword search makes tracking down those items significantly easier than using multiple filters. In addition to the keyword search feature, we’ve also streamlined and broadened the filter experience. Simply narrow down the filters for the inventory you’re looking for and watch the results update in live time!

View “All” Swaps in Inbox: The addition of “All” folders provides you access to all of your Buying and Selling swaps from one Buying inbox and one Selling inbox. If you’ve forgotten where you’ve moved a certain swap, rest assured that you can find this swap from your “All” inbox. It doesn’t matter whether the swap is a message exchanged between you and a buyer, a swap in transit, or a completed swap. They all can be found (in chronological order) here!

iOS v3: We’ve made slight tweaks to the iOS “Shop” page to streamline the shopping experience! It’s now easier than ever for buyers to find popular categories and great deals. Check out what we’re promoting and get your gear listed!

Seller Feedback Score: Your Seller Feedback Score now consists exclusively of feedback received in the last 24 months. This way, you’re not being punished for mistakes made in years past. We believe that you’re only as good as your last feedback so be sure not to take any sale for granted!

October 2020

New Value Guide: SidelineSwap’s Value Guide shows you items like yours that have recently sold, so you can get a sense of how to price your gear. With the new autocomplete search, all you have to do is type what you’re looking for and we’ll fill in the rest! This allows you to narrow down the results to exactly the kind of gear you’re looking to sell!

“Sell Now” on Listing on SidelineSwap just got a whole lot easier. Just click “Sell” on and type in the category, brand, and/or model of the item you're selling. The more specific the better!


When you see the item you’d like to list, click “start listing.” You’ll be taken to the listing page where we’ve already started the listing process for you!


Seamlessly share your items with buyers: Sellers can now share clickable URLs with their buyers on Sharing links comes in handy when a buyer is interested in another item in your locker, or if you’re simply offering an alternative. The buyer can access your listing shared in your message directly from the swap page to proceed with their purchase!

Keyword Search in Lockers: Looking for items to bump, or sharing a listing with a potential buyer? We’ve made navigating your lockers easier by adding a keyword search. Just type in the inventory in your locker that you’re looking to find, and see the results appear in live time!

September 2020

Keep your Refund Rate down: SidelineSwap sellers want to provide the best possible experience to their buyers. With the new refund rate statistic, sellers can make sure they’re staying on track to do just that! To maintain an excellent refund rate (lower than 2%), please be sure to keep your inventory up to date and ship your orders quickly. To learn more about why it benefits you to maintain a low refund rate, read here. Refund rate is calculated by dividing a seller's number of completed sales by their canceled swaps. Please note, a seller's refund rate excludes refunds that are determined to be out of the seller's control.

Seller Offers: Are negotiations for some of your items dragging on? It's time to make the first move. Within any existing swap, sellers can now submit offers to their buyers without their buyers having to initiate! Coming soon: sellers will have the ability to submit offers to buyers who have favorited their items.

Private details on your items: Many of you have expressed interest in seeing how many page views your items are generating. We now show this information on each item page. Sellers can also see when they last bumped and dropped the price on their items. This information, which is not visible to other users, is meant to give you insights into the performance of your available items.

Find your old inventory more easily: We've made the last page of your locker easier to access to help you prioritize what listings to promote and to get your old inventory out the door.

Shop Fan Gear is now live Football season is in full swing and it's time to start listing your NFL merchandise! Buyers can now shop for gear from their favorite professional sports teams. All you have to do is include the name of the team in the item title and item description and the listing will be included in this browse experience. Coming soon: fan shop for your favorite D1 colleges and universities.

Dealing with shipping delays: Due to an uptick in shipping delays across several shipping carriers, we’ve made reassuring potentially frustrated buyers a priority. With new "Where's my package" guidance available from the swap page, we hope to alleviate your buyers' worries so they don't have to ask you about it!

August 2020

More price drop notifications: We're sending more price drop notifications. Previously we exclusively sent price-drop notifications to people who favorite your items. Now we send them to users who visited your items too. These notifications have high conversion rates, so we strongly recommend dropping prices where necessary. And don’t forget, dropping the price also bumps your item back to the top of results. To count as a price drop, you need to drop the price by at least 10%.

Home page carousel: Some of you may have noticed our new home page carousel on We’re using this to drive buyers’ attention to great deals and unique inventory. We plan to add similar features to the app soon.

Take advantage of counteroffers: We've made negotiating on SidelineSwap a whole lot easier. No more endless back and forth on the price of an item. With counteroffers live, why reject the offer when you can send a counteroffer instead? If a buyer sends you an offer that's lower than what you're looking for, simply respond with a counteroffer.

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