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Defensive Lacrosse Heads

Any solid defender knows that having a good lacrosse head is crucial to playing defense at a high level. While you might not be ripping crank shots with your d-pole, every defender needs a sturdy lacrosse head to rely on in order to throw stiff checks and scoop loose ground balls. Here’s how we rank ‘em.

1. STX Hammer 500

There’s a good reason why the STX Hammer has had the defensive head market cornered for the last several years. It’s easily one of the stiffest and widest defensive heads that you’ll find today. Even better, its wide sidewalls are sure to leave an impression on any attackman you plan on checking. If you’re looking for an elite-level head, this should be your top choice.

2. Warrior Regulator Max

If you consider yourself a stay at home defender who likes to lay the lumber, the Warrior Regulator is a great match. It’s got a heftier and stiffer design compared to most heads you’ll find today, which won’t go unnoticed by an attackman when it comes down on his arm.

3. Maverik Tank

The Tank is a worthy head for any LSM or defender that enjoys the rush of carrying the ball up during transitions and clears. With a wider design, it’s easy to break in a pocket, which will give you plenty of power for ball carrying and ripping hard inline passes on the go.

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