Creating the Perfect Listing on SidelineSwap

Thousands of items are listed on SidelineSwap each day, and you may be watching yours go from the first item in browse to page two of browse in a matter of minutes. Luckily, SidelineSwap has options available to sellers to keep their gear relevant and top of mind for buyers. Read on for tips on how to keep buyers’ eyes on your gear.

Every great listing starts with a title. Make sure you're calling your item something snappy and eye-catching. Consider the two titles below:

  1. "Used hockey skates size 8"
  2. "Gently used size 8 Bauer Vapor APX2 skates still in GREAT condition!"

Which listing are you more likely to click? Try to be upfront about your listing in the title, grab your buyers attention and see your item view count sky rocket!

Once you've got your buyer's attention, you'll want to keep it and the best way to do this is with your photos and description.

Photos matter. A few extra seconds of preparation go a long way. Always remember, great photos mean more sales. Follow these tips below to ensure you're

  • Quantity and quality matter
  • Take lots of photos, even with brand new items!
  • Take photos with a solid (one-color) background and good lighting. Natural light is best.
  • Take pictures of the item from every conceivable angle
  • If there is an issue with the item, include a specific picture (fraying, tears, etc.)
  • A Buyer should never be asking for additional pictures
  • Do NOT post stock, generic online photos. Post ACTUAL pictures of the exact item you’re selling

Here are some examples below:

The description is where you can let your internal sales-person shine. What's great about your listing? Why should a buyer pick your listing? Aside from why your item is the best option out there, buyers also want to know all the details before pulling the trigger, so the more information you provide the better.

  • There is no such thing as too thorough!
  • Explain when the item was purchased and how many times it was used
  • Describe the condition in detail.
  • When relevant, elaborate on item significance (Used in 2014 National Championship game, Limited Edition, Deadstock, Prostock, etc.)
  • Many buyers will want to know why you’re selling… Not the right fit or style? Done with the sport? Etc.
  • Be sure to include sizing, when relevant

The last, and maybe most obvious, thing you need to consider is pricing. Ultimately, every buyer out there is looking for a good deal, so make sure you're pricing your item competitively with what else is out there. To start, check out SidelineSwap's Value Guide to see how similar listings have been priced. You can also do a quick Google search to see what it's going for at retail. Remember, you can always offer discounted or free shipping too to give your item that extra edge!

Now that you've created the perfect listing, you'll want to make sure you're keeping your item relevant and top of mind for buyers. To learn more about how to do this, read Keeping Inventory Fresh with Bumps, Price Drops, and Sitewide Sales!

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Emma is a former swimmer at Hamilton College. Today, she's a Customer Experience Associate at SidelineSwap, working to ensure buyers and sellers have the best experience SidelineSwap can provide.