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At SidelineSwap we strive to make the buying process as easy as possible for the many different types of athletes in our community. Whether you're trying out a new sport or reequipping yourself for the new season, we know that it can take a lot of work to track down the right gear that you need to perform at your best. We want to change that!

SidelineSwap boasts sellers across all of our major categories with enough inventory to provide buyers a one-stop-shop buying experience. Whether buyers are looking to buy multiple items from the same seller to save on shipping costs or for general ease of use, they can do so on SidelineSwap!

Below, we outline two different "bundling" scenarios on SidelineSwap.

If a buyer hasn’t made any purchases yet...

If a buyer would like to purchase multiple items from a seller’s locker, the buyer should contact the seller before making the purchases and request that they create one “bundled” listing. The seller can either edit one of the existing listings or create a new one altogether for the desired bundle.

As a part of this step, it’s important that the seller update the weight and dimensions of the bundled listing to reflect all items that will be included in the package. For example, if a buyer wants to purchase hockey skates and a helmet, the weight of the new listing has to reflect the weight of the hockey skates plus the weight of the helmet. Without this step, sellers run the risk of their items being rejected at the post office.

Sellers, don’t forget to remove any listings that were included in the bundle once you’ve made the sale!

If a buyer has already purchased items to be included in the bundle

In some cases, a buyer may have already purchased one or more listings from a seller before making a bundling request. In this situation, the seller simply needs to reach out to SidelineSwap customer support with the relevant Swap IDs as well as the weight/dimensions of the combined package.

Once SidelineSwap support has that information, we can generate a revised shipping label that accounts for the full size of the bundled package and reimburse the buyer any remaining shipping costs! Sellers must remember to let support know when they’ve shipped out the package so that support can mark the remaining swap(s) as shipped as well.

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About Emma at SidelineSwap

Emma is a former swimmer at Hamilton College. Today, she's a Customer Experience Associate at SidelineSwap, working to ensure buyers and sellers have the best experience SidelineSwap can provide.