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Best Place to Sell Used Golf Clubs

by Derek Worlow


The secondary market for selling used golf clubs can be confusing and overwhelming. With hundreds of sites promising to help, how can you know that the site you are using is trustworthy and will provide prompt payment once your old clubs sell? Here’s our countdown from bottom to top of the four best websites where you can sell used golf clubs.

4.) 2nd Swing

A site boasting over 50,000 clubs for sale with a 30-day Play Guarantee, 2nd Swing is a reliable website to sell or trade-in your old golf clubs. Unlike other sites, you don’t list your clubs on 2nd Swing.

You ship the clubs to the company, they evaluate the clubs and then make two offers. The first offer is a trade-in value if you’d like to upgrade by purchasing another club on their site. The second offer is what they will pay in cash for your club.

2nd Swing does give you a range of possible prices on what a trade-in or sell price may look like before you ship so you’ll have an understanding of what to expect when the offer comes around.

3.) GolfWRX

GolfWRX is an expansive golf site that provides up-to-date golf news, equipment reviews and instructional videos for improving your game. The information-centric golf site also hosts a forum for re-selling used clubs.

If there is a chief complaint about trying to list clubs on GolfWRX, it’s that the site can be a strange and difficult experience for the first-time seller. Selling and listing fees are not the same for everyone, as some members get free listings if they’ve made a certain number of listings on the site. While the site does have a lot of traffic, the process to get your clubs listed may rob you of all your energy and excitement.

2.) eBay

The most popular auction site on the internet is a hotbed for selling used golf clubs. On a positive note, all that attention does bring a ton of inventory to search through. For example, a recent search for drivers brought up over 85,000 listings. There’s a solid chance, however, that your golf club listing can get lost in the sea of similar club listings.

On the buying side, the extensive inventory also brings a considerable amount of sellers trying to move counterfeit golf equipment. eBay does have several protection policies in place to recover your money, but the hassle and uncertainty of purchasing authentic products can make eBay a treacherous minefield for the equipment-seeking golfer.

1.) SidelineSwap

A one-stop shop for golfers, SidelineSwap offers new and used golf equipment in 18 different categories. Offering everything from golf balls, to golf shoes, to golf clubs, the site provides a wide variety of drivers, club sets and wedges for golfers looking to add some new pieces to their bags.

Listing items on SidelineSwap could not be more straightforward. After quickly signing up for an account, sellers can list items on the website from any portable device using the easy-to-use SidelineSwap app. After taking a picture and writing a brief description, the item is listed for thousands of users to see.

On SidelineSwap, buyers pay for the shipping. After the item has sold and the buyer has paid, the seller prints a pre-paid shipping label, attaches it to the packaged item and sends it to the buyer’s address. Once the buyer receives and accepts the item, SidelineSwap releases the funds to the seller's bank account (minus a small hosting fee.)

Sellers can earn positive feedback with repeated successful sales and quickly become an Elite Seller on the site! Once they become an Elite Seller, buyers will purchase their items with confidence, which ultimately leads to more sales for the seller. For selling used clubs, there’s no better site than SidelineSwap.

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