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Lacrosse Finds: January ‘20

January is gear season: new looks for college teams, fresh lids for LaxCon, and a flurry of product releases from Warrior, STX, ECD and more.

1. Darth Rival


The STX struck back with the Rival, and this Imperial edition might be the slickest one we’ve seen. All-black, Vader decals, pearl facemask. World-conquering.
Model: STX Rival

2. Warhawk


Like its World War 2-era namesake, this P40 Cascade S probably doesn't belong in the field; but not because it's a faulty lid - this bucket is just too dang pretty to use in a game. SidelineSwap user LookofLacrosse designed the decals.
Model: Cascade S

3. Fly Eagles Fly


We’ve seen a number of NFL concept helmets hit the site, but this silver Eagles look might be our favorite one so far. The green-and-white facemask on this Warrior Burn offers added Philly menace.
Model: Warrior Burn

4. Iroquois Nationals


It’s hard to argue with an Iroquois S. This helmet, worn during the 2017
Heritage Classic, sports a classic silver-and-purple base, the Haudenosaunee eagle, and the Hiawatha wampum belt on the back.
Model: Cascade S

5. Roll ‘Woods


The Redwoods took the PLL by storm in the league’s inaugural season, so it’s no surprise that the club’s distinctive lid - leering bear, brown stripes, and a black facemask - makes our list. (The hefty price tag on this team-issued S includes an official PLL chinstrap.)
Model: Cascade S

6. White Out


Frosty. This all-white Rival - pearl facemask, white bucket, white chinstrap - can take on any decal, or stand on its own. It makes the cut either way. And, it’s available brand new for $200.
Model: STX Rival

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