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Best Lacrosse Heads

Trying to navigate the market for lacrosse heads today can be dizzyingly confusing for both novices and pros alike. If you’re stuck somewhere between what your teammates, coaches, and parents all swore was the best, here’s our definitive guide for buying heads today.

1. STX Stallion 700

If you’re looking for an offensive head, go no further than the STX Stallion 700. It’s strong enough to get dirty when it comes to scooping up ground balls but maintains a deadly sense of accuracy and shot consistency thanks to its C-channel mesh design. Consider yourself a rising stud at the midfield or attack position? This is what our pro’s reach for.

2. Maverik Kinetik

Maverik set out to make the Kinetic model one of the lightest and most offensively-oriented heads to date. The result is just that. If you’re a midfielder or attackman who just can’t resist the temptation of an outside snipe, this head is perfectly suited for you. It’s super light, has a great release point, and is super easy to string a tight shooting channel in.

3. ECD Rebel Offense

The Rebel Offense is ECD’s most recent attempt to create an all-around head that’s both powerful and accurate. Out of all of its revamped features, including a retooled rounded scoop design and wider pinched head, our pro’s favorite thing turned out to be its top-notch stiffness. It’s light enough to paint the upper corners of the net with, but still powerful enough to de-twig opponents with when looking to get defensive on the break.

4. Warrior EVO 5

When it comes to classic heads, you’ll be hard pressed to find something as timeless as Warrior’s classic EVO line. Despite its seemingly vintage age, the EVO 5 remains a stellar choice for elite-level attackmen and offensively-minded guys. With angled string holes and a more downward shaped pocket set-up than other heads, you’ll have no problems letting this thing rip.

5. Under Armour Command 2

If you’re looking for something that will allow for more of a mid to upper-settled pocket, the Command 2 is a good choice. There’s good reason why a lot of guys at the NCAA level have switched over to this head in recent years; it’s super stiff, which makes it great for scooping ground balls, all the while it still weighing under 5 ounces. Also a great pick for an offensively minded LSM.

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