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Best Hockey Elbow Pads of 2018

Just because elbow pads are tucked under your jersey during a game doesn’t mean they’re not an important piece of equipment. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, here’s how our pros rank ‘em.

1. Bauer Vapor 1X

If you’re shopping at the top of the line, the Vapor 1X’s should be where you start your search. With free flex design, your forearm and bicep padding is able to move with ease while still doing a solid job of keeping your arms protected from slashes and shots. Even better, these particular pads are constructed with Aerolite foam -- a high density foam considered to be 30% lighter than conventional padding.

2. Easton Synergy GX

The Synergy line was a close second to the Vapor 1X’s, but rest assured, our pros still love them. They’re just as lightweight and comfy as anything you’ll find thanks to their hex membrane padding design and are particularly good at keeping the air flowing when you’re out on the ice. With Easton’s patented Helix 10 lining, the Synergy’s are also super protective without sacrificing protection.

3. CCM Quicklite

CCM’s done a great job with the Quicklites in recent years, particularly in the field of protection. Our pros love the Quicklites because of their ability to disperse high-energy impacts on the elbow throughout the pad’s foam layers. Additionally, the Quicklites utilize a “floating design,” which makes them just as comfortable and flexible as they are protective.

4. Warrior Alpha QX

If you’re a big Warrior fan, the Alpha QX’s are your best bet. With a two-piece hinge design, their great in terms of flexibility but also have an ample high-density foam liner to ensure that your entire arm is protected. Worried about getting them too sweaty? The QX’s liner is loaded with Polygiene, an odor control technology which keeps your gear cool and fresh.

5. Easton Stealth C7.0

If you’re looking for a pair of elbow pads to start off your hockey career, our pros love the Easton Stealth C7.0’s. They’re easily one of the lightest pads you’ll find available on the youth market today, weighing only 218g. Additionally, these guys are loaded with a lot of the same technology that Easton uses on their higher-end models; they’ve got moisture-wicking liners and flexible two-piece liners that give your arms plenty of wiggle room on the ice.

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