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Best Goalie Skates of 2018

Goalie skates serve more purposes than you may expect. They not only help stabilize goaltenders while they’re in the net, but skates also protect their feet, and help goalies make kick saves down low. So what’s the best skate on the market today? Our pros, after lengthy debate, have come up with the guide of all guides. Here are the Top 10 goalie skates of 2018.

1. CCM RBZ 90

CCM’s work with the RBZ 90s is truly top notch. These skates are superbly durable, surprisingly comfortable, and have several cutting edge features that catapult them to the top of our list. Our pros’ favorite feature, in particular, was the felt tongue and foam lining. There’s no need to worry about protection, either. A pair of these, thanks to their hing-density Poron foam padding and revamped plastic toe guard, are more than equipped to handle whatever comes your way during high-level competition.

2. Bauer Reactor 7000

The reactor 7000 skates are just about as comfy as goalie skates come. Our pros had no trouble breaking a pair of these guys in, and were especially happy with how protective and lightweight they felt once laced up. The best part? They’re not even Bauer’s most expensive line.

3. CCM Ribcor 44K

Looking to try out some 21st century technology? The CCM Ribcor 44K’s are your match. With a newly improved Reebok pump added, these guys are highly customizable and make for a great fit for just about any foot type. Even better, they remain extremely light and maneuverable. A T-push or shuffle in a pair of these will feel about as comfortable and effortless as you’ll find from a top-of-the-line skate.

4. Bauer Reactor 4000

The Reactor 4000 model comes in as a close second to the Reactor 7000’s on our list. If you’re a fan of high-end Bauer skates, you really can’t go wrong with either. The Reactor 4000’s are easy to break in, have removable stainless steel blades, and great protection through their PE cap construction. If price is a factor in your decision making, check out Reactor 4000 listings on SidelineSwap for great deals.

5. CCM Tacks 6092

The CCM Tacks 6092’s are ready to rip out of the box. Our pro’s favorite feature, in particular, was their asymmetrical boot cut, which really allows tendies to grip the ice. Throw some soft memory foam around the boot cut and you’ll be plenty comfortable as well. Overall, they’re a great high-end skate.

6. CCM Ribcor 40K

While the Ribcor 40K is the predecessor of the 44K, it’s still a great option. Like a true senior, this skate is exceptionally durable and reliable. It’s lightweight, but can be counted on to last for a few seasons. The only downside our pros could find was that it wasn’t always the easiest to clean thanks to its mixed-material structure.

7. Bauer Senior 5000

Bauer’s Senior 5000 might be the best bang for your buck that the brand offers today. They strike a great balance between the stiffness of their nylon construction and the mobility that their flexible ankle collar gives off. Just don’t expect to be getting the quality that you might find in the Reactor Line. The Senior 5000’s are a budget friendly option, but not necessarily as durable as a high-end skate will be over the years.

8. CCM Tacks 4092

Looking for a CCM entry-level skate? The Tacks 4092 is a safe bet for any player skating 3-5 times a week. On the ice, they’re nice and stiff but surprisingly lightweight. Also, they’re a great skate for those with a wide foot. On the downside, don’t count on a pair of these lasting you multiple seasons. They’re not especially durable.

9. Bauer Senior ONE.7

Bauer’s Senior ONE.7’s are a solid choice for any upper-level tendy. Specifically, our pros love the fact that a pair of these comes loaded with 3D anamorphormable lightweight nylon material, which, when heated up, molds perfectly with your feet. Additionally, we liked the boot’s stiffness and maneuverability on the ice once the mold was more settled.

One extra tip: be careful about sizing on a pair of these. We’ve found that Bauer’s sizing chart isn’t always totally accurate when it comes to the ONE.7’s. Make sure to message your seller to get a better idea of the fit before purchasing.

10. Bauer Senior Vapor X200

Bauer’s Vapor X200s take the last slot on our list, mostly for their incredible price value. While they’re pretty reliable, they’re not a high-end pair of skates and you can feel it on the ice. They’re not especially comfortable or maneuverable, but nonetheless, they’re a great starting point for any goalie shopping for their first skate.

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