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The 6 Best Baseball Gloves of 2021

The 6 Best Baseball Gloves for 2021

When it comes to America’s game, baseball is as popular as ever. While the ball and bat are just as important, one of the most essential elements is the baseball glove. Just like the bat, even minor improvements in the baseball glove can greatly improve a player’s performance at the plate. In this post, we’ll look at 6 of the best baseball gloves for 2021.

6. Rawlings Heart of the Hide

Starting off our countdown at number 6 is the Rawlings Heart of the Hide.

A serious baseball player wants a glove made specifically for them. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide provides game-winning, top of the line durability. The narrow fitting profile is contoured for a closer and more secure fit and a less bulkier feel in the palm. The Rawlings Heart of the Hide is comfortable on the field and easier to close, allowing you to go through catch after catch with reliability.

5. Wilson A2000

The Wilson A2000 is a glove that offers Rugged durability and exceptional breathability.

With Pro Stock leather for incredible durability and a rolled dual welting for a lightning-fast break-in, the A2000 is built to give baseball players the best of both worlds.The A2000 combines Pro Stock leather for a durable yet more playable glove, while the Rolled Dual Welting unlocks the break-in speed of traditional welting.

4. Rawlings Pro Preferred

Next up to the plate is a glove precisely designed for players who want an unrivaled look and shape retention: the Rawlings Pro Preferred.

The Rawlings Pro Preferred glove is designed with full grain kip leather to provide an unrivaled look in addition to a Pittards® sheepskin palm lining that gives you added comfort. The glove's shallow pocket is made for quickness and requires minimal break-in time. It's precisely-aligned pattern ensures the best finger position for ball control. The pro preferred's twice-glued, open back structure stays flexible and lightweight for easy handling.

3. Wilson A2K

Next in our countdown is a glove carefully engineered for players in search of improved consistency and a softer feel: the Wilson A2K.

Designed to improve on an age-old classic, the Wilson A2K Baseball Glove is crafted for improved consistency. A perennial favorite among baseball players for decades, the A2K is on another level with its Spin Control Technology for improved consistency, Pro Stock Leather™ for a softer feel and a precise, 1-piece web. When looking for a trustworthy baseball glove, the Wilson A2K is an elite-level performer.

2. Wilson A2000 1786

The Wilson A2000 1786 is a glove that ensures Better support and a softer feel.

Sport all-leather construction and a classic look with the Wilson A2000 1786, a glove designed for exceptional support and top-of-the-line comfort on the field. The 1786 provides players with a soft feel, exceptional control, and extra padding for durability. The A2000 1786 was developed after studying hundreds of gloves and is packed with features -- from its rolled dual welting to its Flat Finger Binding -- to provide the same high-performance used by professional baseball players.

1. All Star Pro Elite

Finally, sliding into home plate at number 1 we've got the All Star Pro Elite.

The All Star Pro Elite is the glove you want if you’re looking for exceptional craftsmanship, a fast break-in, and soft leather for increased feel in a high quality glove. A great choice for any player who likes to be in control of the game, the All Star Pro is forged using time-tested methods and is built to win championships. At the end of the day, the All Star Pro Elite is designed to play when it counts; from first pitch to the final out, this glove brings great fielding power to you and your team.

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