Athletes Helping Athletes: Introducing the SidelineSwap Equipment Drive Program

We’ve all donated items to various drives— toys, clothes, cans—you name it. It feels great to give what you can to make a difference in the lives of others.

After the success our first annual #GearForAYear Scholarship Program, everyone here at SidelineSwap brainstormed more ways we could embody our goal of making sports more affordable. So, this summer we’re excited to launch SidelineSwap Equipment Drives.

Here is how it works.

Any individual or group (team, league, school, organization, etc.) can hold a collection for the sports gear that so many people have piled up in their garages and basements. Donations can come from just within a single team or from an entire community. After the collection, the drive organizer will send the gear back to us and we’ll assess all the items based on condition and model. We’ll eventually share how much we think it’s all worth and If the organizers accept the price, we’ll send them a check. It’s that easy.

Teams may use the funds they raise into to enter more tournaments, buy new uniforms, or fix up their playing field. Others groups may donate the money to a charity of their choice like the Wounded Warrior Project or Make A Wish. The possibilities are limitless and in the organizer’s full control.

You may be asking yourself what we’ll do with the donated gear at once it’s at SidelineSwap...
After taking inventory of a group’s collection, we’ll resell the gear to buyers on SidelineSwap or donate it to our partner organizations that repurpose gear for communities in need. This is what makes a SidelineSwap Equipment Drive so great. No matter what a team or organization decides to do with their funds, the collected equipment will always be redistributed to athletes in-need of more affordable gear.

So whether you’re looking to fundraise for your team, donate to a good cause, or clear out your garage, running a SidelineSwap Equipment Drive is a great place to start.

If you’re interested in starting a one, learn more and sign up here!