Are Hockey Goalie Skates Different?

While there’s little variation from brand-to-brand in terms of goalie skates, the makeup of your average tendy skate is a little different than you might expect. The three basic components of any goalie skate are: the boot, the cowling and the runner.

The Boot:

Goalie skates differ in design from typical hockey skates. Their boots are cut at the ankle and have a shorter tongue compared to your run-of-the-mill skate. This, of course, is meant to help goalies maneuver better on the ice with all the pads they have on. Fit wise, goalie skates run pretty similarly to your average skate.

The Cowling & Runner:

If you’re not versed in hockey terminology, the cowling is the plastic base that connects the runner, or blade, to the boot. Unlike regular skates, the cowling on a goalie skate plays an especially crucial role: it helps connect a goalie’s leg to his/her leg pads.

The runner, or your blade, on a goalie skate, is also a little different than what you might expect. Instead of having a large curve from toe to heel, like a regular skate, goalie blades are fairly straight and flat. The flatter your blade is, the easier it is to move from side to side, which is helpful for any goalie reacting in net.

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