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The 9 Best Lacrosse Shafts of 2019

Lacrosse shafts have evolved drastically over the years, from one piece wooden twigs to highly complex blends of metals and advanced plastic materials.

So what shafts are most players sporting today? Here’s how our pros break down the current market.

1. Maverik A1

The A1 shaft line from Maverik has had success year after year, making it our most popular shaft of 2019. This year's edition is as good as it gets. Weighing in at just 5oz, few shafts can compete with the A1’s craftsmanship. It’s light, but still maintains a great sense of control that offensive players across all levels of the game have raved about.

2. Epoch Dragonfly

Epoch has been at the forefront of the recent surge in Carbon-based shafts. The Dragonfly line is their prized child when it comes to this. With a newly designed resin system, Epoch calls this shaft their most durable yet.

3. Warrior Burn Pro

Sticking with the trend, Warrior’s Burn Pro line is one of the company’s lightest shafts yet. It’s made up of a light Krypto-Pro material that’s constructed with a more traditional feel in mind. Even better, Warrior calls their Burn Pro shaft, “the best high-flex strength-to-weight ratio of any handle made by Warrior.”

4. STX Surgeon Sci-T

Few shafts have been around for as long as the Sci-Ti has from STX. For almost a decade, it’s been known as one of the most durable, lightweight, and affordable shafts on the market. Blending Scandium and Titanium, it strikes the perfect balance between the strength of titanium and the lightness of scandium.

5. Nike Vapor Elite

If you’re into the Nike minimalist aesthetic, the Nike Vapor Elite should be your first choice of shaft. Our pro’s favorite feature? It’s pinched octagon shaft shape, which has an ultra natural feel and allows for unbeatable control on the field.

6. East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro

East Coast Dyes built the Carbon Pro with the offensive player in mind. Its High Kick Point technology allows for quick and accurate releases, especially in instances where attackmen are operating in tight spaces.

7. TRUE Alloy SC 4.0

If you’re in the market for a proven, affordable shaft, the Alloy SC 4.0 by TRUE is a good place to start. It’s constructed entirely out of scandium alloy, which ensures that it will last the test of time.

8. East Coast Dyes Carbon

ECD praises their Carbon shaft as one of the most durable and lightweight shafts available today. It’s made of cutting edge composite materials and features a flex point that is designed to increase players shot speed, snap, and feel.

9. Maverik Wonderboy

The Wonder Boy is another popular shaft from Maverik that has continued success year after year. Each year, the team at Maverik seems to find a way to make it lighter. This year’s edition, according to Maverik, is 10% lighter than the 2018 shaft. Our favorite feature? It’s adjustable butt end, which allows for a highly customizable set-up that few competitors offer today.

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