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7 Best Hockey Shin Guards of 2018

Shin Guards do the dirty work when it comes to hockey gear. While you may not see them buried underneath your socks, without them, you’d be toast. Here are our pro’s favorite models on the market today.

1. CCM Tacks

The CCM Tacks are at the top of our list for good reason: they come with molded anatomical wrapped liners, PE inserts, and PE D30-Lite knee caps. The end result? A pair of shin guards that are as comfy as they are protective.

2. Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3

While Bauer seems to always be pumping out the latest state of the art protective gear, the TotalOne MX3’s are our favorites out of all the other competing Vapor and Nexus models. The MX3’s are as durable and comfy as they come. Additionally, they’re well balanced in weight and versatile enough to play both the blue line and offensive zone.

3. Bauer Nexus N7000

Bauer’s N7000 line is a close second to the MX3’s, but still a solid choice for any mid to upper-level player. If you’re the type of player that prefers a two strap system, the N7000’s offer just that, in addition to a sweat wicking mesh liner and segmented design.

4. CCM QuickLite 290

CCM’s QuickLite’s are another high-end option if you’re a devout CCM fan. They have ventishield breathable technology on their interior lining and maintain a pretty light overall weight. The upper thigh guard is also loaded with molded Zotefoam for pro level protection, which never hurts.

5. Bauer X800

While the X800’s aren’t quite as versatile as their N7000 and MX3 counterparts, they’re still considered a high-end pad by our pros. They’re stylish aesthetic isn’t just nice to look at, but offers plenty of protection, albeit sacrificing versatility.

6. CCM QLT 270

The CCM QLT’s offer more of an affordable alternative to the QuickLite 290’s. If you’re someone who’s just starting their career or not quite at the pro-level yet, they’re a solid option to consider. With a traditional, two-piece hinged design, they’re versatile enough to play almost any position and won’t break your bank.

7. Warrior QX5

If you’re shopping Warrior’s more affordable shin guard line, the QX5’s are what our pros recommend. They’re easy to take on and off, which is always a plus for beginners and intermediates alike, and offer decent protection if you’re looking for a more budget model.

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