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7 Most Popular Hockey Pants of 2019

Hockey pants may not be the most exciting part of your setup, but that doesn't mean they're not important! If you're in the market for a new pair of pants this season, here are the best hockey pants for 2019 (in our humble opinion).

1. Reebok 9K

The Reebok 9k has been a staple of the hockey pants market for years. These pants are both protective and highly customizable, featuring reinforced JDP hip caps and a zippered length adjuster. If you’re looking for a pair of pants that is both popular and highly customizable, the Reebok 9K is a good match.

2. Bauer Supreme 1S

Despite last year’s redesigned construction, Bauer chose to revert back to a more conventional design for their 1S pants in 2019. They’re highly customizable, thanks in large part to their anatomically formed PE inserts. 1S hockey pants are also super comfortable.

3. CCM Tacks 7092

CCM SuperTacks 7092 pants are considered to be CCM’s top model of pants in 2019. They’re loaded with protection, especially in the hips, thighs, and kidney area. Plus, their HD floating spine protector does a great job in of protecting your back without creating an uncomfortable fit or feel.

4. Bauer Nexus

Bauer’s Nexus line is one of the more popular, classically constructed options of pants available today. Loaded with Seven+ protective technology, you can count on them to hold up well against collisions. Plus, their new extensions fit system goes a long way to assure you have a proper fit.

5. Warrior Franchise

Looking for something with a bigger and wider fit for your hockey pants? The Franchise line from Warrior is a good place to start. They’re known to offer all the durability and toughness that pro stock gear is famous for, without sacrificing your comfort on the ice.

6. Warrior Covert QRL

These pants are a good option for any fans of Warrior gear, especially if you like their Covert line for other parts of your set up. The Covert QRL pants have a tailored pro-fit to enhance your posture on the ice and a mesh shell loaded with performance denier nylon.

7. CCM HP30

With a two-piece construction, the HP30 pants allow for longer, more powerful strides on the ice. They’re made up of an extra tough nylon shell with meshed vented areas throughout to keep you cool.

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