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6 Most Popular Hockey Gloves of 2019

Hockey gloves seem to reinvent themselves every single year, promising all sorts of new technologies and features that you simply can’t ignore. So how is the glove market shaping up this year? Here are the six most popular hockey gloves we’re seeing on our marketplace in 2019.

1. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite

Few hockey gloves are as popular today as the Vapor 1X Lite gloves from Bauer. They’re as light as any pair of Bauer gloves you can find and offer a tapered fit that players at the Pro-Level love. Even better, Bauer’s newly introduced sanitizing technology is sure to keep hockey odors at a minimum (which should make you parents happy!)

2. CCM HG12

Any player who values their stickhandling skills and wants to protect their paws as much as possible should consider the HG12s. They’re at the top of our list when it comes to protection and have fantastic craftsmanship.

3. CCM Tacks 4R Pro

The CCM Tacks 4 Roll Pro can’t be beat. These gloves maintain a classic style fit that is tailored to the pro-level by CCM without sacrificing mobility in the hands.

4. CCM HG97

The CCM HG97’s remain a popular pro-stock glove model today. They’re made with technical nylon and a backhand four roll design. These gloves are a great choice if durability and a high-level of protection are your top priorities.

5. Warrior Franchise

The Franchise Line from Warrior offers players a classic four-bar-style glove. It blends both Tufftek and Premium PU padding to help deliver a more traditionally constructed glove that is both durable and lightweight.


CCM’s HGTK gloves have become a popular pro-stock choice in recent years thanks in large part to their high-end protective ability and sleek, contoured fit. Loaded with extra durable pro nylon on the exterior shell, they offer a seamless break-in period and natural fit.

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