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4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Old Sports Gear

Athletes are big fans of using all the resources at their disposal. We’re constantly pushing our bodies to do more than they did yesterday, last week, and last month. To make that happen, we know we need to switch up our training often, and make sure we’re eating correctly to fuel our bodies, not just satisfy to our cravings. We know that every calorie needs to go towards building muscle and keeping our brains focused, and every move on the court or field needs to get us closer to that next winning move.

It’s no surprise, then, that we want to make the most of our sports equipment. While getting a new stick, helmet or other gear is exciting (who doesn’t like new stuff, honestly) it means that we often put perfectly good equipment in storage. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are four ways to get more value out of the sports gear you no longer use for actual sports:

Sell It

If that piece of gear is in great or good condition, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people who would be willing to pay you for it. If you’re on a team that has a loyal following, you’d almost be doing yourself a disservice not selling it!

The best place to sell your old sports gear is, of course, right here at SidelineSwap. While there are many marketplaces online that you could try, we’re the only one that specializes in sports - which means the buyers we attract are looking for something specific. Sell your gear to someone who really appreciates its value.

Donate It

For those who are looking to add value to their community, donating your used gear is an amazing option. Sports equipment is an often overlooked item when it comes to improving the quality of life of those who are financially struggling.

We fully endorse companies like Leveling the Playing Field, which is a non-profit that collects sports gear for youth organizations. This often results in lowering the registration fees for team sports, which means more kids have access to healthy and safe afterschool activities.

Frame It

While the first two options are great for the equipment you never handle anymore, if you have sentimental pieces, you likely don’t want to part with them - but you don’t want them collecting dust, either.

For many pieces, it’s actually pretty easy to frame it to display in your home! If you have an especially meaningful jersey - maybe from a playoff or the one you were wearing when you broke your personal record - consider investing in a professional framing company like Sports Displays. This will ensure that your jersey isn’t damaged, and it will be well preserved so that it looks just as good in 30 years as it does today.

If you’re more interested in a DIY experience, or you have a difficult to frame item like gloves or cleats, look into creating a shadow box with them. Don’t just throw it in a nice looking glass box, though - you’ll want to take the right steps to preserve it so that any leftover sweat or other grime doesn’t degrade the material.

Upcycle It

So maybe you have some really cool used sports gear that you’re sentimental about, but not to the point where you want to sink a bunch of cash into preserving and displaying it. If this sounds like you, consider upcycling your used sports gear into something else you can use or display!

Our favorite idea for hockey sticks, for example, is to turn them into furniture - which is easy once you start thinking about them as piece of wood. Take care to maintain the paint while you’re working, and you’ll be able to use that already waterproofed wood to make some amazing outdoor seating! There are a lot of options for virtually every piece of sports equipment, as long as you’re willing to get your creative juices flowing and have some spare time and elbow grease to make it all happen.

Don’t doom your old sports equipment to the closet - or worse, the garbage. Get more value out of it, or help someone enjoy the sport you love so much, by exploring how to preserve the piece’s life. Depending how well-loved your equipment is, it could end up making another team win the championships, or serving as a reminder to yourself of the time you did.

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