3 Ways To Cash In On Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again - the daffodils are being planted, tryouts are beginning, and parents and professionals everywhere are getting the itch for spring cleaning. While it can be tedious, getting rid of all of the stuff that piled up over the last 12 months always ends up being relieving. But sometimes, between buying cleaning materials and wanting to replace the old stuff you’re getting rid of, it can feel like spring cleaning also empties out your wallet, as much as your home.

However, if you’re careful and pay attention to some little details, you could actually make money from your spring cleaning haul! Here’s what to look for and what to do with it:

Sports Equipment

If you’re on a team, or have a child or three who is, you likely have a buildup of old - but still usable - sports gear somewhere in your home. We’re guessing it’s in the garage, or maybe a basement closet or corner. Wherever it is, while you’re going through it, make sure to take a look at the quality, brand, and condition of each piece.

While you may want to toss out a lacrosse helmet used for a single season, slightly scuffed hockey gloves or a bat that hasn’t been swung in years, wait! If you list it on sites like SidelineSwap, you can actually make money off of it!

For example, that helmet could be worth over $100. The gloves could be worth $50 or more. Lastly, that bat? Easily worth over $100, if not $200.

Brand Name Clothes and Shoes

Have you cleaned out your closet only to find a bunch of brand name clothes that you really liked in the store but only wore a few times? Maybe you or someone in your family has gained or lost weight, your kid went through a growth spurt, or their personal style changed; no matter the reason, there are several clothing chains that want to buy your brand name clothes!

While it seems like each city has a few local shops that do this, national chains we love include:

  • Poshmark is a great resource for getting more value out of your gently used brand name clothes. While they do list mens and kids clothing, the vast majority of their listings are for women's’ clothing, and it’s the category you’ll make the most money selling.
  • Slang - If you (or anyone in your family) seems to have a growing mountain of authentic designer sneakers, consider parting with them - and using that money to update your collection!
  • Kidizen - You can still make a nice chunk of change from all of those baby onesies and adorable toddler getups that your kids have outgrown! They sell clothes in all children’s sizes, so you can replace last year’s trends with this years, have a happy pre-teen, all while protecting your wallet as well.

If you love fashion as much as you love a clean and clutter-free house, don’t miss out on all of the money you can get from upgrading!

Music Equipment

If you love music, or if you have musicians in you family, it’s likely you have quite a few instruments lying around that aren’t being loved anymore - which means that it’s time to help someone else discover their passion by making it more affordable.

There are a few places to sell gently used musical instruments, but by far the most popular is Reverb, an online marketplace that allows owners to list everything from super rare collectable pieces to gear like mics and speakers. Whether you’re a connoisseur looking to sell a piece or are looking to clear out a few keyboards that work but aren’t being used, Reverb is a great resource for making some cash from spring cleaning.

No matter what you’re getting rid of, if it’s high quality, make sure to see if there’s a buyer - whether that means finding one of many online marketplaces like the ones listed above, or kicking it old school with a garage sale.

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