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2018 Rawlings Gloves of the Month (so far)

by Derek Worlow

Rawlings has been at the forefront of creating high-quality baseball equipment for many decades. More importantly, their gloves can be seen every night during the MLB season. Here are the best Rawlings baseball gloves released in 2018.

January 2018


January’s glove of the month is preferred by professional ball players at all levels. Created from their high-quality Heart of the Hide leather, this glove from Rawlings is best suited for infielders playing the right side of the diamond.

The glove’s soft yet durable leather allows a quick break-in period for natural shaping and molding to the player’s hand. Also, the patented Pro H webbing system from Rawlings provides for a deeper pocket to assist in snagging tough ground balls.

February 2018


February’s glove is the Limited Edition Heart of the Hide model created for infielders looking for a lightweight model. Easy to mold, this 11.5-inch glove comes with a patented Pro I-Web system for fast transfer from glove-to-throwing hand.

Another terrific feature of this glove is the Pro Mesh backing. The Pro Mesh makes the glove lighter for an enhanced feel when fielding tough ground balls. Also, this Heart of Hide model comes with an adjustable, padded thumb sleeve for added protection.

March 2018


Derived from the pattern that All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki used to win two Gold Gloves, this Heart of the Hide infield model utilizes single post webbing for a lightning fast transfer from catch to throw, making this the perfect glove for the middle infielder looking to shave time on throws to first base.

Additionally, the shallow pocket aids in producing quick turnaround on double plays. Laced with high-quality Tennessee Tanning lace, this glove will stay strong through hundreds of grounders.

April 2018


April’s addition to Rawlings’ Limited Edition Gold Glove line is an infielders’ glove with the Pro-I web. With the Heart of the Hide leather that is crafted from steer hide, this 11.5-inch glove provides comfort and heightened feel while transferring for throws to first base -- much like March’s glove.

The April glove provides comfort with a palm lining that cushions tough throws as well as a thumb sleeve that is padded for extra protection. With a conventional back, this glove will keep its shape and remain durable after many years of play and performance.

May 2018


And last but not least, Rawlings’ most recent Glove of the Month is the Limited Edition Heart of the Hide model with a unique Trap-Eze web pattern and ColorSync patches. This model continues using the same top-notch steerhide leather exterior molded with a design that is found in the gloves of top MLB players.

The modified Trap-Eze web assures the ball will leave the pocket quickly when needing to move the ball for throwing. Rawlings has begun the break-in process but allows plenty of room for players to mold the glove to their specifications.

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