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11 Most Popular Lacrosse Heads of 2019

Few categories of lacrosse change more quickly than heads on a year to year basis. 2019 has proven to be no different. Lucky for you, our pros have compiled a list of the most popular heads you can find on SidelineSwap in 2019.

1. Under Armour Command

No head has had greater success on SidelineSwap this year than the Under Armour Command. It’s one of the most advanced heads to come out of Under Armour's lacrosse line and remains a top choice for offensive players across all levels of the game today. Our pro’s favorite traits? Its stiffness and consistency make it a great choice for practically any position.

2. Nike CEO

The Nike CEO is a top-notch offensive head that any shooter should consider adding to their arsenal in 2019. It’s lightweight at 4.9oz and has a pinched scoop that makes it more versatile -- particularly when it comes to ground balls -- than the average offensive head.

3. STX Super Power

STX says that their 2019 Super Power head is one of their lightest heads to date, thanks in large part to their new All Climate Performance technology, which helps the head hold up under the wildest of conditions. Even better, its C-Channel technology located at the bottom of the head allows for all sorts of stringing set ups that are both customizable and strong.

4. Maverik Optik

If you’re hoping to find a head that’s exclusively geared towards your offensive game, the Optik by Maverik is a good option. The newest edition, the Optik 2.0, features a two strut design that makes it one of the lightest Maverik heads to date.

5. STX Stallion 700

STX openly calls their Stallion 700 model, “the best head we’ve ever developed.” It features a mid-high pocket placement and updated throat design, all of which are geared towards creating an optimal offensive head.

6. Nike Lakota 2

The Lakota 2 was one of the most hyped head releases of 2018. So far, it’s done a good job of living up to its lofty expectations. Amongst offensive-minded players, particularly midfielders, the Lakota 2 is praised for its ability to set up a highly customizable deep-mid pocket with maximum pinch and offensive touch.

7. Maverik Centrik

Centrik heads have long been a cornerstone of the SidelineSwap lacrosse market. This year is no different. Maverik Centrik heads are a killer choice for both offensive and defensive players due to their versatility. They’re easy to string, and especially nice with a mid-high pocket setup.

8. STX Proton Power

The Proton Power is as ageless as a head as you will find. It’s been around the lacrosse community for years and is still as popular as ever. Known by many for its tight face and shape, the Proton Power is perfectly suited for deep channel string jobs and an offensive player’s game.

9. East Coast Dyes Mirage

East Coast Dyes has always been known for creating versatile heads that string like no other. Thanks to its especially narrow face and aggressive flare, the Mirage is perfect for deep channel stringing jobs and any player looking for a customizable offensive head.

10. Warrior Evo 4

Warrior set out to make the Evo 4 one of their most balanced heads yet. The Evo 4 is pretty close to this. With Symrail technology, the Evo 4 is especially light in its side walls but remains stiff when under pressure. Even better, the head’s loaded with stringing holes making it one of the most customizable heads by Warrior today.

11. Warrior Warp Pro

Few heads are more consistent and durable than Warrior’s Warp Pro. Warrior calls it their strongest head yet and the perfect choice for players looking to strengthen their defensive game.

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